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About Beijing Watch Factory


Beijing Watch Factory 

During my stay in Beijing I had the privilege to visit the Beijing Watch Factory in Changping, it looked like time never really got to this part of Beijing, playing children had not given away to taxi lanes and the shadow of Mao still loomed heavy. Behind his statue, as if under its protection, I arrived at the Beijing Watch Factory. Combining traditional Chinese culture and acquired horologic technology, Beijing Watch is known for its watches for the Chinese patriotic nouveau riche. Until now they only sold their watches in China, therefore a short introduction for the rest of the world.   

On June 19 1958, twenty-one watch-making pioneers officially opened the door to watch-making world, which represented the resolution of an era.

the 21 watchmakers that opened the BWAF factory in 1958Original Picture of the factory in Changping guarded by the statue of Mao Zedong & the First 21 Watch Makers in the Beijing Watch Factory (1958) 

The first watch created was the “Prototype Watch” which was the first wristwatch the Beijing Brand released. The remake of this classic is available in our store click here 

Since their brand establishment in 1958, Beijing Watch remains dedicated to produce in house high-complexity movements and high end wrist watches, using the most advanced machinery combined with hand made craftsmanship from the oldest watchmakers in China, producing watches no one believed could ever be produced outside Switzerland. Their Dual Axe Tourbillon sold for around 80,000.- euros shows that this brand doesn't follow the copycat routes many other have taken. 

As the Beijing brand is already well-known and respected in China and Asia for years they also produced promotion material for the Chinese market. We asked for a translation to show with how much pride & dignity these watches are produced. 


Want to take a look inside the Beijing Watch Factory? Financial Times went there in 2014. 


As a professional brand equipped with independent watch-making capability, Beijing Watch emphasizes craftsmanship spirit and artistic aesthetics, gets immersed in modern expression of oriental aesthetics and perfectly blends top-notch techniques with cultural connotations. Beijing Watch Factory developed its first own in house Toubillon movement in 1996, and is today the leading watchmaker in high end tourbillon in China. They independently developed all different kinds of tourbillons from double tourbillons, minute repeater tourbillons to the “Chunchao” tourbillon watch, with an enamel dial painting of former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. All these watches are internationally rewarded and well known. The factory is equipped with machines from Switzerland combined with top notch Chinese equipment. Also impressive even the smallest parts are manufactured in house. 

  The first China made Tourbillon (1996)


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