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It’s our mission to open the new silk road of Chinese quality watches, abolish the taboo of buying Chinese products and deliver Chinese craftsmanship with reliable and obtainable European service.   



Houjon Chinese Timepieces is a proud seller of high quality Chinese timepieces. The silk road of Chinese quality watches is opened as a result between the friendship of Bart Jonker a Dutch watch enthusiast and Tony Hou a Chinese watch connisineur. who uncovered some Chinese watches with a long history in craftsmanship but only selling in China. This partnership gave the opportunity to reach out to established Chinese watchmakers convincing them to make their beautiful timepieces available for the world. As a result we are now the official distributor for Seagull Watches, Beijing Watches & Shanghai watches, which are the three biggest Chinese watch makers all with experience and a heritage dating back to the 1900's.

The Swiss producers are no longer the absolute leaders in the quality watch industry since the Chinese quality has been discovered, because quality is the pride of workmanship. The watches are a modern expression of oriental aesthetics with cultural connotations. We want to open the new silk road for Chinese quality watches with outstanding European service and abolish the taboo of buying Chinese products. With our center of operations in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Hong Kong we want to make Chinese Timepieces available for the world.

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